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About GameFi

With the origination of cryptocurrency in 2009 and the rise of DeFi and NFT in recent years, GameFi has caught the eyes of investors.
NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, broke the monopoly of the traditional fungible tokens in the field of cryptocurrency. The Non-Fungible feature of NFT can represent a certain unique blockchain asset with intrinsic attributes, which includes game assets.
With NFT as a medium, games as a carrier, GameFi is a new product that uses blockchain technology to deeply integrate games and decentralized finance. In the game mode, players can obtain certain financial gains. Compared with traditional games, players can obtain financial gains besides enjoying games, which is the charm of Play to Earn.
At present, many games in the GameFi market are relatively simple with more focus on financial gains rather than the game itself. However, it will be difficult to realize the long-term Play to Earn without an attractive game as a carrier.
In light of this, GameFi market desperate needs games with good playability, so that users can spend longer time playing and earning, which is the common expectation of most players. Of course, this will require excellent game design and production from professional game development team.

About Blockchain

Blockchain is another revolutionary technology after the Internet that can accelerate social development. Its feature of decentralization, transparency, and security enhances the trust among people, and realizes the point-to-point transfer of valued assets, which is also applicable to the game industry. Blockchain serves as the fundamental technical support for cryptocurrency. The game asset transaction enabled by blockchain technology will allow more people in the world to understand blockchain, and meanwhile speed up the expansion of blockchain applications.
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